About Me

Hello there,

If you came to read this page, I’m sure you loved BitcoGuides and want to know more about us. Here you will find all the information, achievements of the blog. This page will be updated in the future, when we hit any milestones or any achievement that I want to share with all my readers.


BitcoGuides.com was started in 5/6/2020 to help people to learn more about cryptocurrency which in future is going to rule the economy. Here you will find every single tutorial ranging from full dummy guides to advanced mining stuff. So, If you are one of those who are willing to learn more about cryptocurrency, You came to the right place for sure 😀


About Samba Siva

I’m the guy behind BitcoGuides.com . I’m a student pursuing Bsc. Computer science and I love playing around with computers, Programming, Web designing and mainly cryptocurrency. I have a lovely bond with cryptocurrency since my childhood days, But I couldn’t invest on crypto at that time ( Economical issues HaHa) .


Now I write content for some clients, and invest the amount paid by clients on cryptocurrency, so that I can learn more and I’m ready to take risks 😀


When BitcoGuides achieve anything, If I want to share anything special with the readers, This page will be updated for sure.


For the readers

If you are reading this page, Trust me, I’m so grateful to you. Without you guys, This blog won’t even be possible and I can do nothing. Keep reading, keep sharing, keep engaging with the blog. Thank you so much.

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Samba Siva is a student pursuing Bsc.Computer science and is highly interested in Cryptocurrency, web designing and Digital marketing stuff