Where to buy Ethereum in India at good prices ?

Ethereum is considered the second best cryptocurrency after bitcoin. At the time of writing this article (4/6/2020), The price of ethereum is 18,489.89 INR. It is expected to grow even more in the upcoming years. Purchasing cryptocurrency is always a difficult task for beginners. If you don’t know, what is cryptocurrency, I highly suggest you to check out our article on Cryptocurrency for dummies.

After you have read the article, It is the time to buy some cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is now at a whooping 7,56,000 ( Approx value ) . So, we need to buy other coins which are at a lower price and will reach their peek price after sometime. Without a doubt, the coin would be Ethereum. ETH is the 2nd most popular cryptocurrency after bitcoin and today we will see where to buy Ethereum in India after the recent RBI Ban.

Where to buy Ethereum in India 2020

What is Ethereum ?

Ethereum is a digital or virtual currency like it’s big brother Bitcoin. Ethereum is not as highly priced as bitcoin, but it’s price is going higher and higher. The founder of Ark Capital LLC, Brian Schuster stated that the price of ethereum will reach a whooping $100,000. Even though it is unlikely to be true. Ethereum will reach atleast $1500 by 2021, as per the expert cryptocurrency predictors.


Here is an article from consensys, which explains ethereum in an advanced and detailed manner. Even though, a cryptocurrency trader doesn’t require knowledge about Digital money ledgers such as BlockChain, it is better to have some knowledge on how cryptocurrency works. So, I highly suggest you to read the article to know more about ethereum.


Assuming that you have basic idea of Ethereum, Now it is the time to buy some ethereum. Wait!!


Where to buy Ethereum in India ?

Is it legal to buy ethereum ?

Are there any risks associated with ethereum ?


We will be diving deeper and answering all these questions. There are multiple websites to buy ethereum. But, we will be recommending only some of them which we have used before.


Where to Buy Ethereum in India 2020 ?

Buy ethereum from WazirX

Started by Zanmai Labs Pvt Ltd in 2017, Wazirx is one of the biggest Cryptocurrency trading platform in India. For me personally, I love wazirx than all the other trading platforms that are available in India. I use wazirx in my day to day life to sell/buy/trade cryptocurrencies. Wazirx supports more than 70 types of cryptocurrencies and ethereum is one of them. Buying ethereum from wazirx is a very straight forward process. Here is how you can do it:

  • Register on wazirx through this link ( use your real details since there will be a KYC verification )
  • Complete the KYC, Bank and Email verification ( It might take 2 days or so to verify KYC in wazirx. We will post a detailed guide on verifying KYC )
  • Deposit some money from your bank account using NEFT, IMPS or other available methods
  • Click on the exchange Tab and select Ethereum
  • On the bottom right corner, select the buy tab and enter the amount of ethereum you need ( Minimum amount is 0.05 ETH )
  • click on place buy order and wait for the order to be completed

Buy Ethereum from Wazirx

Hey, You have successfully purchased ethereum in India using Wazirx trading platform. If you are comfortable buying from Wazirx, Then you can move on to “What to do after buying Ethereum” section. If not, keep reading 😀


Buy ethereum from BuyUcoin

BuyUcoin is a cryptocurrency trading platform  which has a great user-friendly User interface, Good support team and straight forward crypto trading. BuyUcoin supports more than 30 cryptocurrencies including our beloved Ethereum. So, Here is how you can buy ethereum in India using BuyUcoin.

  • Register an account in BuyUcoin using this link.
  • Verify your Email, Add KYC and Bank account ( We will post a guide soon )
  • Select All markets from the left corner
  • click on ethereum and on the bottom right corner, you can find buy/sell portal
  • On the buy tab, Enter the amount of ethereum you want to buy
  • Click on the big green Buy button to place your order

Buy Ethereum from BuyUcoin

You have purchased ethereum using BuyUcoin. Well, an important question to ask would be “What’s next ? “. We will also guide you on what to do after buying ethereum.


what to do after buing Ethereum ?

Cryptocurrency for beginners

The best thing to do after buying any cryptocurrency is to wait patiently 😀

This may sound like a stupid tip. But, mistakes have no place in cryptocurrency trading. Instead of selling crypto immediately after seeing it rise 1% or fall by 1% of it’s original value would be a stupid thing. But there are cases where selling instantly would be great ( Very rare ).

Cryptocurrency investments are also meant to be long term investments such as mutual funds, stock exchanges etc. Hence, Let the value of ethereum grow over time, When you feel it’s the time, Don’t hesitate. Just sell it out.

If you get loss in cryptocurrency, You will gain experience which helps you in gaining more in the following years. Even I have lost some money in cryptocurrency investments, But never regretted it since it gave me so much experience that I would never stop investing or working with cryptocurrency.


That’s it for Now!!

So, this was our guide on How to buy ethereum in India after the RBI ban. If you guys loved it, A comment or sub would be amazing. We keep posting new articles every 2 days. So, stay tuned.


Disclaimer: I’m not responsible for any damage/loss caused to the individuals/businesses after reading my guides. I just give information on what I love and What I know. If you followed our guides and Got loss ( May happen  ) or scammed ( Very unlikely to happen ), I’m not responsible again.

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